gorica techOur Technology Focus

Our renowned manufacturing complex is equipped with modern machinery that includes the latest automatic welding machines including submerged arc welding and automatic welding for all cross sections, plasma cutting machines, dishing and flanging machines, sheering machines, press brakes and other, as well as blasting and painting booths.

GORICA takes advantage of the latest technology innovations to maximize its performance. High quality is maintained by ensuring precision cutting, bending and welding of steel sheets, which are later assembled into final products.

Plasma cutting is widely utilized in the manufacturing of GORICA products. To refine the cutting process, the company collaborates closely with ESAB of Sweden with whom several machines have been developed together. A similar collaboration exists with FACCIN, from Italy who has supplied us with our bending, flanging and dishing machines.

The Company also maintains close relationships with key suppliers such as axle suppliers, BPW and SAF. For brake systems GORICA works closely with WABCO and KNORR. For the production of Concrete Mixers, GORICA partners with ITAS from Slovenia and with FARID of Italy for the Municipality Vehicles. Specifically for Refuse Collectors with bin washing, GORICA also partners up with ATRIK.

GORICA is also the sole authorized GCC producer of ROCK bodies and ROCK tipping semitrailers with HARDOX® steel which is made by SSAB, Sweden . GORICA experts use modern techniques and processes which are certified by SSAB when manufacturing with HARDOX®.

In 2013 when GORICA acquired the Danish GRP KRONE factory it started a new relationship with KRONE, who has agreed to aid in the design of the Frigo bodies and semitrailers. Today, our Frigo bodies are branded with the slogan “GORICA, designed by KRONE.”

Overall, with a quarter of a century of vigorous manufacturing experience, GORICA continues to venture into the development of its own technologies, designs, processes and machinery. All of these areas are also supported by its partners. To date, GORICA has placed a lot of emphasis on its Research & Design, and the company is committed to continual future investing into this department (R&D).